Singing Bowls for Meditation - Crystal Vibrasons

Singing bowls

Relax with a singing bowl

Singing bowls allow you to relax and unwind. Thanks to their pure and natural notes, you can reduce your stress and enter serenely into meditation. On bass and treble octaves, the singing bowls transport you and allow you to stimulate your creativity.

The sounds and vibrations provided by the singing bowl resonate with your body in order to rebalance its major functions and raise your vibratory rate. It allows you to improve your focus, to live consciously here and now.

Buying a healing bowl allows you to benefit from the song of the bowl, but also from the positive waves that it diffuses in your body. We also suggest that you choose your singing bowl based on your needs, your affinity and your budget.

Also considered to be professional equipment for massage, yoga or reiki, the singing bowl is used in natural medicine and other alternative health practices.

Singing Bowls, Meditation and Sound bath

Singing bowls promote a meditative state because they generate a sophronic state and the brain quickly settles into alpha mode. Meditating with a crystal singing bowl is to regain clarity of mind with a calm mind and calm emotions. The Sound being energy, a singing bowl emanates a powerful vibration which enters into correspondence with our chakras. Singing bowls are now used by professionals to create sound baths or sound journeys.

Singing Bowls and Chakras

There are different singing bowls each emitting a different sound depending on its size and thickness. Tibetan bowls are made of metal, mostly brass. The Tibetan 7 metal bowls are a myth. No manufacturing certificate guarantees their composition. Just a shameful commercial approach that is camouflaged behind the "manufacturing secret" of the manufacturers.

Crystal singing bowls are quartz powder heated to over 3000 degrees. They vibrate at a higher frequency than metal.

To choose your singing bowl, you can also do it from a front door that are the chakras. For a complete meditation work or to animate sound journeys and care, our sets and our boxes of singing bowls allow to cover the 7 major Chakras.

Each Chakra is linked to a note and a color. The colorful singing bowls offer the vibratory qualities of colors, attributes developed in chroma-therapy.

The coloring is obtained by different processes which give our singing bowls very specific characteristics (nano-particle, titanium or baked natural paint)