The 432 Hz frequency for your meditations with a crystal bowl

432 Hertz range singing bowls

Cristal Vibrasons has selected for you an extraordinary range of crystal instruments tuned to A 432 Hz, the natural tone of the Earth.

The natural tuning formerly known as the "Verdi tuning" is a frequency that is compatible with all of nature around us and our bodies. The natural chord was known in ancient history. Research by Kathleen Schlesinger, the archaeologist of music, concludes that once upon a time there was common agreement for most ancient human races. This tuning was also widely used in Europe until the beginning of the 20th century. According to Maria Renold's research on well-being and frequencies, natural tuning can be described as warming, relaxing and stabilizing the psyche.

 It also makes sense for musicians who wish to tune their crystal bowl to their instrument because we offer just and perfect notes. We find in our practices that 432 Hz is very relevant for sets.