Crystal singing bowl course

Our Academy (only in french langage)

Personalize support

Approach and spirit of the academy

The vocation of the academy is to provide learning content via the web concerning the use of the sound. The academy provides training for accompaniment professionals, sound therapy, and practitioners crystal bowls ans sound meditation.

The educational approach is based on the alternation between practice and clearly identified and referenced theoretical benchmarks. The academy invite remote self-training by providing diversified educational tools and personalized educational follow up called « point route » by videoconference with the trainers.

Training are open for a period of 3 months (90 days) - ONLY IN FRENCH LANGAGE -

We are available, on meeting, for your educational follow up during your formations !

Videoconferences are done by Facebook, Messenger’s video, skype or WhatsApp

Cristal Vibrasons training

1. Videos

Teaching videos with courses and various tutorials

2. Write

Written materials (slideshows, PDF…)

3. Audio

Audio supports (sound meditation, sound healing)

4. Test

Fun assessment (quizz with scoring)

5. Accompaniment

Personalized support with a facilitator

6. Certification

Issuance of training certificate

Practical and reflective appropriation

Your goal

Every accompaniment is provided by visioconference with Cristal Vibrasons professionals, coaches, D.E facilitators and therapist. Experts in their field, they pass on their passion, an ethics and a knowledge through completely innovative courses. The pedagogical dynamic is as the service of a practical and reflective appropriation, in an evolutionary itinerary on different and complementary training. A real learning path is offered to you with lively and captivating interactions…

Première formation portant sur
l’initiation à l’usage des sons

260 €

Intégration des sons sacrés
et thérapeutiques

300 €

Les Apprentisons et les Vibraspirants

540 €

They were trained, they testify