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We are Pascal & Muriel LACOMBE, therapists, coaches and trainers.

We work every day for you to select the best natural quartz instruments and the rigorous choice of their manufacturers. Respect, creativity, freedom, service: these are the key words of our approach : Cristal Vibrasons.

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Dr Kuartz- Méditer facilement

Dr Kuartz- Méditer facilement

The crystal bowl more powerful than the Tibetan bowl

The crystal bowl more powerful than the Tibetan bowl

An article which provides an answer to the most frequently asked questions on the Tibetan bowl versus the crystal bowl, bearing in mind that both bowls have properties beneficial to well-being.
The origin of crystal singing bowls

The origin of crystal singing bowls

A comprehensive article to understand the crystal bowls manufacturing steps. Discover how are made the different Cristal Vibrasons Collections.
How do dynamic sonology crystal bowls work?

How do dynamic sonology crystal bowls work?

The impact of Sounds on emotional states. Deep relaxation of body and mind. Article with references for people with loss of autonomy or living with an autistic disorder.
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Superior sound and vibration quality via controls and strict specifications
Our platform is the only one in the world to teach you online how to use crystal bowls
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Since 2005, Muriel and Pascal dedicate their everyday life to the crystal frequency
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