Cristal Vibrasons has selected for you singing crystal bowls of superior vibratory quality. Matter, notes, octaves, all the characteristics of each bowl is checked to offer you an irreproachable service.

  • Origin 100% natural quartz
  • Products tested before sending
  • Adapted and safe packaging
  • Secure payment
  • Chat with us, we can help you online to choose your bowl

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Browse our entire catalog and find the crystal singing bowl made for you. Compare models, notes, chakra, diameters and prices with ease!


Everything you want to know about the crystal singing bowl and everything that we never told you finally revealed!

Who are we ?

We are Pascal & Muriel LACOMBE, therapists, coaches and trainers.

We work every day for you to select the best natural quartz instruments and the rigorous choice of their manufacturers. Respect, creativity, freedom, service: these are the key words of our approach : Cristal Vibrasons.

Cristal Vibrasons in a few words

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Best quality
Superior sound and vibration quality via controls and strict specifications
Our platform is the only one in the world to teach you online how to use crystal bowls
Experts and certified coaches
Since 2005, Muriel and Pascal dedicate their everyday life to the crystal frequency
We accompany you by phone or by messages to the choices of your crystal bowl
Fast worldwide delivery
Adapted and robust packaging for safe delivery
Secure payment
Encrypted payment systems (CB, VISA, AE, Mastercard,..)