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La Maison Cristal Vibrasons opens its doors to you

Monthly crystal singing bowl deals

Singing bowls and crystal instruments for alternative health professionals and meditators

Our advantages

Professional equipment

Superior Sound and vibration quality via controls and demanding specifications

Ease of payment

All the payment methods offered are encrypted. Payment in 3X by CB Klarna and 4X by paypal

Training on line

With our unique training platform in the world, learn how to use crystal bowls from distance (in french only)

Sound therapists

Since 2005, Muriel and Pascal dedicate their daily life to the cristalline frequency and sound therapy

Our support

We support you by email in English to advise you in the choice of your instrument and in the after-sales follow-up

World Quick Delivery

Adapted and robust packaging for safe delivery under our responsibility

A couple serving the Awakening of the crystalline dimension

The Pioneers of crystal frequency sound

More than an emotion, a bewilderment, a transcendence, a state of total rapture a feeling of eternity !

From this spark was born Cristal Vibrasons, the benchmark brand of singing cristal bowls.

Pascal and Muriel Lacombe, two united and inseparable practionner-therapists, pioneers and creative, have breathed a soul into it…

Discover the unique ecosystem at the forefront of crystal frequency

Exceptional instruments, practices and knowledges unique teaching, an online academy, a learning center, and a demonstration showroom.

Precious mariage between digital and physical, subtle worlds et virtual reality.


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