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While the carrier is there:
Check the condition of the package
Refuse to accept the package if it is damaged

Inform Cristal Vibrasons
If I open the package on the day of delivery and
The bowl is broken:
  - Inform Cristal Vibrasons the same day
  - Send photos of the broken bowl in its packaging

Cristal Vibrasons will re-fulfill my order one time at its own expense 

My bowl has streaks or tiny bubbles
- This is a normal result of  the manufacturing process
- Transparent bowls will have traces of polishing on their walls
- These traces do not impair the instrument’s vibrational quality
- They do not make the instrument more fragile

My crystal bowl has tiny uncolored areas when I look at it up close in the light
- In the titanium, plasmonic and silver coloring processes and metal electrolysis, color is added without being absorbed into the material. It is normal to see tiny transparent points on the surface of the bowl

You and the person who broke your crystal bowl have to make a statement
- The person who broke the bowl sends the statement to his/her ‘civil liability’ insurance
- You send the statement to your insurer with your original purchase invoice (downloadable from your customer account)

Cristal Vibrasons can assist you:
- If you are our customer: we’ll provide an invoice for replacement for your insurer
- If you are not our customer: we’ll provide an estimate for replacement for your insurer

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Some questions before you buy

What is my total budget (including bag + shipping charges)?

What is my therapeutic approach?
- Choice of model: bowl, handle bowl or chalice
- Choice of either a single crystal bowl or several bowls (note intervals)
- Choice of octave and note based on the characteristics of the people you are working with
- Choice of bowl based on its vibratory capacity and your practice

What are my personal preferences
- for sounds (high, low, medium)
- for colors
- for models 

Need advice? Call +33

Some questions before you buy
- What kind of sounds do I like?
- Would I like my bowl colored, white or transparent?
- Would I like a bowl for handheld use, or will it be placed on a floor or table
- Am I looking for intense sound and vibration, or subtlety and rich harmonics?
- What would I like to do with this instrument?
- Play sounds only? Meditate? Practice self-healing? Experience altered consciousness? Make elixirs? Perform space clearing etc.
- How much money do I want to invest?
- Will I be moving it from place to place? Do I need a bag for protection and transport?

Not sure?
Contact us on +33

What you should know
- The holon and the pyramid each have two musical notes that vibrate and produce harmonics
- The merkabah has only one note. Harmonics are produced by repeated overlapping strikes
- The larger the instrument, the lower its sound and the slower its spiral (meditative)
- The smaller the instrument, the higher its sound and the faster its spiral (dynamizing)
- Medium sizes have a medium/high sound and a fairly fast spiral (energizing)

A detailed description of each geometry is provided for you, along with blog articles

The frosted white bowl is played on a floor or table, resting on its support ring. The smaller-sized bowls can be played on the palm of your hand

All  the OTHER crystal BOWLS are light enough to be played on the palm of your hand, allowing their sound spirals to unfurl fully. But a base that is too hard (e.g. tiled floor) can saturate your bowl with vibratory feedback more quickly

Being light and easy to manipulate, a crystal HANDLE BOWL allows you to direct its sound energy. It is perfect for therapeutic uses or practices using song

A BOWL with its own stand – or CHALICE – is just as easy to manipulate as a handle bowl, but it can also continue to sing until you put it back down

The diameter, height and thickness of a crystal bowl’s wall determine its musical note and octave.

The smaller the diameter, the more likely it is to have a high or medium-high sound and a fast spiral

Larger diameters (25 cm or more) will have more of a medium or low sound 

Sounds and octaves
- Very low: octave 2
- Low: octave 3
- Medium: octave 4
- High: octave 5
- Very high: octave 6

The first notes of an octave are always the lowest within that octave (DO/RE/MI)

Every musical note has a vibration corresponding to a chakra. Read the blog article ‘Chakras and Sounds: What are the links?’

YES! All Cristal Vibrasons crystal bowls, regardless of size or note, will play PERFECTLY!

The walls of our immaculate bowls are polished twice to allow the stick to glide easily

There are 2 basic notes and techniques:
- Singing sound: run the stick around the bowl to produce the lowest spiraling note
- Struck sound: gently strike the wall to produce the highest note in the spiral

No, you don’t

Whichever bowl you chose, we’ll help you learn the basic techniques on request (via Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger video etc.)

You can take our e-learning courses as well as courses at our Centre Cristal Vibrasons in Gironde, France

It’s not so much color as the coloring process that affects how a bowl vibrates.
- 24 carat Gold electrolysis generates a vibration that rises and expands
- Titanium gas coloring generates an increasing sound volume with vibratory effects
- Plasmonic gold or silver (nanoparticle) coloring generates a softer sound with oscillating harmonics (pulsating vibrations)

Laser engravings are energy shapes that inform the Quartz material (amplification and memory)

Read the article 

- Their transparent appearance gives an illusion of greater fragility
- A crystal bowl will not withstand a collision with a hard surface. If it falls, it will crack
- Like a sacred object, your crystal bowl is at the center of your existence . . .


- Purify your crystal tuning fork
- Strike only one of the two prongs at any one time
- Use gentle, precise movements
- Do not strike the prong again if it’s still vibrating
- Don’t try to force the vibrations to reach your body

Read the article: (in French)

Many uses – here are a few examples:
- Meditation
- Relaxation
- Sonotherapy
- Massage
- Making elixirs
- Spiritual practices (sacred chants, mantras etc.)
- Energizing water
- Sound yoga
- Purification and clearing (people, places, stones etc.)
- Various medications (syrups, ointments, creams etc.)
- Concerts

From energy:
- Cleansing and energy purification

- Bag for protection and transport

- Children are more sensitive to high sounds
- Low sounds can cause anxiety
- Avoid a sound intensity (volume) that could affect the child’s subtle bodies or saturate his/her physical vibratory capacity
- Allow the child to touch the bowl and produce sounds on it with the practitioner, so that the child can get used to unfamiliar sounds of this type (element of play)
- The period of play with vibration must be short
- Leave brief periods of silence between the sounds (time for integration + stimulation of curiosity and attention)


Sounds travel almost 5 times better in water than they do in air
- The baby will therefore benefit from a vibration massage via the amniotic fluid in which it is immersed

This is a very special moment for communication between mother and baby – support them sensitively

Sounds are energy! 

When you're tired, get in touch with your inner state to check whether you are raising your energy level or, on the contrary, the crystal energy is making you feel tired

Adapt the intensity and timing of crystal sounds in line with how you are feeling

If you are in a depressed state, you may prefer to avoid using your bowl or play it very softly
- The gap between your crystal bowl’s vibration level and your own level of vitality may be too great – this will tire you out

NO, provided that
- You play with awareness and control
- You are attentive to your own feelings or the other person’s feelings
- You listen to your instrument’s vibratory language
- You appropriately adjust the way you play
- You don’t thoughtlessly increase the vibration intensity (your subtle bodies are sensitive to energy variations), and you take moments of silence for integration

Your intuition is a ‘godlike’ advantage
- It must ALWAYS be there, hand in hand with the various things you have learned
- Paradoxically, training can help you trust in your intuition

When you feel that you have stopped making progress, training can also open you up to
- new practices
- a different perspective
- things you’ve never felt before 

and help you to create new links between knowledge & practical experience

There are no fixed rules. You're the boss!
- However, the more expectations you have, the more you’ll focus on them, at the risk of not being receptive to what is manifesting itself
- Crystal sounds have an instantaneous effect, and even your perception of time will change if you let myself be ‘touched’ by them
- They lift the veil off whatever you’ve been repressing or controlling with your mind
- Sometimes you’ll experience unpleasant feelings, but that’s also part of the process of letting go of memories

Be attentive to all sensory perceptions and let your thoughts flow without getting hung up on them
- Meditate without trying to achieve any goal (including an amount of time)
- Meditate with whatever manifests itself to you
- Sometimes letting go takes place right at the start, sometimes not at all, and sometimes you pass through many states before it happens.