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Located 260 route du cujoula 47260 Verteuil d'agenais, our Centre offers activities to support your spiritual development. The Centre is dedicated to the teaching and practice of crystal instruments, with activities focused on sound meditation and sound healing. We can also help you choose a crystal singing bowl from our collection.

Sound meditation is now recognised as a beneficial practice that contributes to overall health, stress management, personal balance, and spiritual awakening. When meditation is accompanied by sound frequencies from crystal bowls, practitioners quickly attain an inner silence that enables deep and lasting relaxation.

When you come to the Centre, you'll have access to a number of group activities, as well as individual therapy and personalised support during which the “sound” guide is always present.

Choose your crystal vessel from our many collections :

+ Guided sound meditations

Sound journeys


Life coaching

Psychotherapeutic support

Energy healing

Women's circle

The goal of Cristal Vibrasons is to share our expertise in sound energy therapy and help you become “Sound Weavers” with the crystal singing bowls!

Alongside our online training programme, you can participate in sessions that will allow you to become more autonomous in your use of crystal singing bowls and quartz instruments. These workshops are for professionals as well as anyone wanting to discover sound meditation and the path of sacred sounds. Lessons are given in French.