Singing bowls

Relax with a singing bowl

The singing bowls allow you to relax and unwind. Thanks to their pure and natural notes, you will be able to reduce your stress and enter serenely into meditation. On the bass and treble octaves, the singing bowl transport you and allow to stimulate your creativity.

Sounds and vibrations provided by the singing bowl resonate with your body in order to rebalance its major functions and increase your vibratory rate. It allows you to improve your concentration, to live consciously in the here and now.

Buy a singing bowl allow you to enjoy the song of the bowl, but also positive vibes that it diffuses in your body. We also suggest you to choose your bowl according to your need, your affinity and your budget.

Classic crystal bowls

Exceptional crystal bowls

Singing bowls and Chakras

They are different singing bowls emitting different sound depending on its size and thickness. To choose your singing bowl, you also can do it thanks to a front door that are the Chakras. For a complete meditation work or to animate sound journeys and treatments, our sets and our boxes of singing bowls allow to cover the 7 major Chakras.

Every Chakra is linked with a note and a color. The colorful singing bowls offer the vibratory qualities of colors attributs developed in chroma-therapy.

The coloring is obtained by different processes which gives singing bowls special characteristics. (nano-particle, titanium or baked natural paint)

432 Hertz range