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Symphony Chakra Set 432 Hz - 8 Crystal Singing Bowls €1,382.50

Symphony Chakra Set 432 Hz - 8 Crystal Singing Bowls


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This set of 8 beautiful bowls in connection with the chakras, sizes and progressive notes, will transport you to the heart of the frequencies-Crystal tuned in 432 Hz!

Chakras symphony is a fairyland of frank colors to affirm the benefits of chromotherapy. A coherent accord that combines color, chakra and its note.

A set worthy of the most beautiful effect to lead workshops, sound baths and concerts, as well as sound therapy treatments.

  • Natural quartz bowls Premium Quality, sandblasted wall, smooth and not gritty​, stackable
  • From 6’’ (15cm) to 14’’ (35cm) diameter for a wide range of sounds and notes
  • 7 Different colors corresponding to the color of the 7 major Chakras + gold color for 8th chakra bowl
  • Note: the notes of the diatonic scale 432 Hz
  • Spiral: variable according to the diameter
  • Engraved Yantras not available at this time.
  • 2 supplied 30 and 35 cm bags for safe stacking and to transport safely
  • Accessories supplied with the set (rubber mallet, crystal/silicone mallets, suede sticks and installation supports)
  • Special bowl size composition for sound travel, concert and with high, medium and low tone

The video shows 7 bowls but the set includes 8. The 15 cm C # (soul chakra) has been added recently. Its sound is recorded with the other bowls.

Full description














DO# octave 5 (uniquement dans le coffret de 8)


Cristal Vibrasons selects for you singing crystal bowls of excellence. Since 2005, we have set rigorous specifications with our manufacturers to avoid granular crystal bowls and too thick. Our bowls are made of pure quartz and 100% natural. They are created according to an industrial process with international standards.

Our expertise is based on our singularity: therapist-teachers, distributors and designers range, we have the concern to offer you instruments that we test, purify and would like to use in our practices.

Originating from a French process used by Saint-Gobain, the laboratory crucibles became, thirty years ago, crystal singing bowls, an ingenious discovery of the American Cédric Wise. You will find everything about their origin in our white paper

Following the relocation, all crucible manufacturers have moved to China, thus transferring their know-how. The quartz used comes from Asia, the United States or Latin America.

Since 2004, we have been working with renowned manufacturers, certified to international standards (SGS) with whom we have drawn up demanding specifications, in accordance with our own professional practices and our choice of excellence.

A close partnership has therefore been established with creative artists. We inspire their work to create, with precision and beauty, our own collections.The Cristal Vibrasons singing bowls become incomparable vibratory and sound jewels for meditation!

Cristal Vibrasons can help you choose your bowl and answer your questions at anytime.

Please ask us all your questions on our live chat, we will be pleased to lead you to the perfect fit.

A choice on the net, guided by specialist trainers, can be simple and effective when your feelings match with their expertise.

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No drop shipping or Market place. So, no unpleasant surprises! After control, all our instruments leave directly from us.

Automatic 10 percent discount for professional Health or Well-being accounts with SIRET number (excluding promotional products)

Appointment possible by videoconference or by phone to listen to your bowl before purchase

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Symphony Chakra Set

This is a set frosted-white crystal bowls, colored by internal lamination, respecting the respective color of the chakras and their musical frequency.

Your set is delivered with a rubber mallet, a suede mallet, a crystal mallet and O-ring. Two carrying protective bags in which the 8 bowls stack.

What uses?

The Chakra Symphony set is particularly suitable for accompanying soundtracks, meditations and therapeutic practices aimed at harmonizing the 8 major chakras or using musical intervals (third, fourth, fifth) for relaxation and relaxation. Their 8 straight colors also promote harmonization as in chromotherapy.

Diameter, chakra, color and note match together

  • 6" (15 cm) Dahrma chakra, white, C# note
  • 7" (18cm), Crown chakra, purple, B note
  • 8'' (20cm), 3rd eye chakra, indigo, A note
  • 9'' (23cm), Throat chakra, blue, G note
  • 10'' (25cm), Heart chakra, green, F note
  • 11'' (28cm), Solar Plexus chakra, yellow, E note
  • 12'' (30cm), Sacral chakra, orange, D note
  • 14'' (35cm), Root chakra, red, C note

Training available

• The Apprentisons

• The Vibraspirants

What advantages?

Their sound and vibratory range is remarkable, stable and long, regardless of the diameter of the crystal bowl. In addition, they are very easy to play. They can be used indoors and outdoors.The quartz selected by our manufacturers is the purest of the silicas used for these singing bowls and among the many levels of quality required for the manufacture of these crucibles.

What drawbacks?

They are a little heavy to carry (about 44 pounds). They require some knowledge in the game of intervals of notes and their impact on people. Engravings are hand-made and some can sometimes be light on bright colors. Quartz structure is extremely complicated to engrave accurately. But it doesn't affect the power of the symbols.

A unique set

ATTENTION TO IMITATIONS: This set is the design of Cristal Vibrasons for experienced therapists. We have optimized the sizes and the notes of each bowls and selected those with very high vibratory frequencies. Because these are our practices and the heart of our business. Quartz is of high quality American origin. The bag supplied with the set is finished Premium. The notes are accurate and their song is very long. Rigorous and binding specifications with our manufacturers allows the completion of this exceptional set.