Discover the origin of Cristal Vibrasons bowls

Crystal singing bowl genesis

Crystal singing bowls are laboratory crucibles made of crystal powder that is heated to more than 3000°C. These crystal singing bowls deviated from their primary purpose in the 1990s, becoming a vibratory vessel for “sound alchemists”.

Crystal bowls are sacred instruments used for meditation, therapy, and spiritual awakening. They were initially created using an industrial process based on a French patent by St. Gobain, and thanks to a number of technological advances have evolved over the years to be used in energy healing practices. Many different models are made today, mainly in China thanks to a soil that is rich in natural quartz and rare earths. These vessels are also made out of synthetic quartz, though these products have a lower vibratory and sound quality.

It therefore becomes essential to select your instruments according to rigorous and very precise specifications in order to obtain high vibratory frequencies, a long song and perfect notes in 440 or 432 Hz.

Exceptional singing crystal bowl emergence

Quartz powder

Pure quartz is selected to ensure high-quality vibrations.

The crystal bowls are made by skilled artisans

Instruments with exceptional vibrations and sound.

Laser engraving to encode the quartz

Advanced technology to personalise your instrument according to your universe and tradition.

Cristal Vibrasons only sells crystal singing bowls made of natural quartz (no synthetic quartz). Some bowls are called exceptional because of their vibratory texture. They are combined with noble metals (24k gold, silver, and platinum), or titanium gas, which gives them an iridescent sheen. The other colours are made from rare earths (metal-rich earths) or have colourful coatings to give off the desired light frequency.

In all cases, each bowl has unique sound spirals, both in its fundamental note and its struck note. Certain vessels emit very powerful sound frequencies, while other bowls dance on extraordinarily subtle frequencies. No bowl is “better” than another.