Set of Lotus - 432 Hz - 8 Crystal colored singing bowls €1,449.17

Set of Lotus - 432 Hz - 8 Crystal colored singing bowls

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This box, on a range 432 Hz, is composed of 8 bowls in connection with the chakras - sizes and progressive notes - which allows a tuning at the natural frequencies of the living!

An elegant set that immediately poses strength and serenity. The colorful lotuses on the Immaculate base gives it a discreet grace. The Yantras vibrating at the bottom of each bowl conveys the sacred information of each center of consciousness.

Perfect for baths and sound trips in all places and under all circumstances !


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In stock
In stock
  • Premium quality natural quartz bowls, repolished sandblasted walls, stackable
  • Diameter ranging from 15 to 35 cm according to the chosen set
  • Colors of lotus flowers and yantra in correspondence with the 7 major Chakras + 8th soul chakra
  • Note: EXACT NOTES on a 432 Hz chord
  • Spiral: variable according to the diameters
  • 2 supplied 35 cm and 30 cm bags for safe stacking
  • Lotus flower painted on each bowl of the corresponding chakra color. The corresponding yantra is painted in the bottom of each crystal bowl
  • Special bowl sizes composition for sound travel, concert and with high, medium and low tone
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DO# octave 5 (only in 8 bowls set)


Cristal Vibrasons selects singing crystal bowls of excellence for you. Since 2005, we have installed rigorous specifications with our manufacturers to avoid grainy and too thick crystal bowls. Our bowls are made of pure quartz and 100% natural. They are created according to an industrial process with international standards.

Cristal Vibrasons designs its own collections of exclusive models. Our artisans are highly skilled workers with unmatched know-how on our exceptional crystal bowls.

Our expertise is based on our singularity: therapist-teachers, distributors and creators of range, we are concerned to offer you instruments that we test, purify and would like to use in our practices.

However, it happens that his handcrafted instruments are, for the same model, different from each other or that tiny imperfections appear during manufacture. The main thing remains that we guarantee the vibratory and sound quality.


We send directly from our warehouse. Our instruments are not shipped by our manufacturers as other merchant sites do. With the Cristal Vibrasons selection, no bad surprises or customs fees. You are assured of an irreproachable "quality control".

Originating from a French process used by Saint-Gobain, the laboratory crucibles became, thirty years ago, crystal singing bowls, an ingenious discovery of the American Cédric Wise. You will find everything about their origin in our white paper

Following the relocation, all crucible manufacturers have moved to China, thus transferring their know-how. The quartz used comes from Asia, the United States or Latin America.

Since 2004, we have been working with renowned manufacturers, certified to international standards (SGS) with whom we have drawn up demanding specifications, in accordance with our own professional practices and our choice of excellence.

A close partnership has therefore been established with creative artists. We inspire their work to create, with precision and beauty, our own collections.The Cristal Vibrasons singing bowls become incomparable vibratory and sound jewels for meditation!

Cristal Vibrasons can help you choose your bowl and answer your questions at anytime.

Please ask us all your questions on our live chat, we will be pleased to lead you to the perfect fit.

A choice on the net, guided by specialist trainers, can be simple and effective when your feelings match with their expertise.

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Set of Lotus - 432 Hz - 8 Crystal colored singing bowls
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Based on 10 reviews

  • 5

    Simply the best. (Translated review)

  • 5

    Delighted :) (Translated review)

  • 5

    Quality products. The material provided with the bowls are also of excellent quality. I recommend (Translated review)

  • 5

    Exceptionally Pure Bowl Set received this morning, very protective packaging nothing to worry about during delivery. (Translated review)

  • 5

    Beautiful Super bowls, very nice sound. I have not yet been able to play it in a well centered way but I could feel a calmness and a kind of spell after 10 minutes of playing which foresees magnificent moments. Thanks to Pascal for his advice. Not knowing anything about it, I also do the online trainings which are very instructive. (a little advertising, it's always a pleasure). Thanks to Muriel. (Translated review)

  • 5

    Thank you for these beautiful vessels. The sound is beautiful, soft and pleasant. The cat also thanks you. Thank you for your super fast answers and for your top notch packaging. The delivery is also very fast. Good continuation. Kisses from Belgium. (Translated review)

  • 5

    Singing Bowls There is a rightness in the relationship this company has with its customers. It is obvious and it could be otherwise. Thank you for your time. (Translated review)

  • 5

    Magic bowls The sounds transport you into a state of modified consciousness, a sound journey guaranteed. Superb! (Translated review)

  • 5

    BIG CRUSH!!! I purchased these bowls a month ago. (Translated review)

  • 5

    I am a therapist and musician. I found your site remarkable, clear, precise and professional. While comparing on the net, I understood that it was necessary to be vigilant especially for dropshipping (sending from abroad) because no guarantee of quality and risk of breakage. I have tested it! Thank you for your commitment. (Translated review)

Our expertise, your asset

No drop shipping or Market place. So, no unpleasant surprises! After control, all our instruments leave directly from us.
We advise you for a personalized choice and we train you to practice in complete autonomy.

Automatic 10 percent discount for professional Health or Well-being accounts with SIRET number (excluding promotional products)

Appointment possible by videoconference or by phone to listen to your bowl before purchase

Payment in several installments by credit card, Paypal and checks

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Description of my product

Set of Lotus

This set consists of 7 or 8 colored frosted-white crystal bowls whose musical frequencies correspond to the 7 major chakras, on a 432 Hz range. The notes are accurate. They stack one inside the other and have 2 bags of protection and suitable transport.

Your box comes with a suede mallet, a rubber mallet and 2 protective bags in which the 7 bowls stack.

What uses?

The Lotus 432 Hz case is particularly suitable for accompanying sound travels, meditations and therapeutic practices.

Diameter, chakra, color and note correspondence

  • 15 cm (6") SOUL chakra (dharma chakra), golden, C#
  • 18 cm (7") CROWN chakra, purple, B note
  • 20 cm (8") 3rd EYE chakra, indigo, A note
  • 23 cm (9") LARYNGE chakra, blue G note
  • 25 cm (10") HEART chakra, green, F note
  • 28 cm (11") SOLAR chakra, yellow, E note
  • 30 cm (12") SACRED chakra, orange, D note
  • 35 cm (14") ROOT chakra, red, C note

Training available

• The Apprentisons

• The Vibraspirants

What advantages?

Their sound and vibratory dimension is remarkable, stable and long, rich in harmonics, whatever the diameter of the crystal bowl. In addition, they are sensitive and very easy to play. They can be used indoors and outdoors. There is little friction noise due to the quality of the granulation of their walls The quartz selected by our manufacturers is the purest of the silicas used for these singing bowls and among the many levels of quality required for the manufacture of these crucibles .

They have their weight (about 20 kg to carry).

A unique set

ATTENTION TO IMITATIONS: This set is the design of Cristal Vibrasons for experienced therapists. We have optimized the sizes and the notes of each bowls and selected those with very high vibratory frequencies. Because these are our practices and the heart of our business. Quartz is of high quality American origin. The bags supplied with the set is finished Premium. The notes are accurate and their song is very long. Rigorous and binding specifications with our manufacturers allows the completion of this exceptional set.

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