NEW - Create your own Crystal singing bowl - Cristal Vibrasons

Custom crystal singing bowls

Creation of custom bowls

New, imagine and create your crystal singing bowl, unique and personalized according to your tastes!

This is an innovation from Cristal Vibrasons that does not exist anywhere else! The made-to-measure bowls are colored thanks to a high-end technology. This manufactiring process gives colors of incredible luminosity and gives the sounds of the bowl: depth, expansion and elevation. Cristal Vibrasons loves to combine technology with fine craftsmanship! The result: magnificent colors and a crystalline song uniting the spirals of quartz with the opening of vibrating wings!

1. Choose your model
and its diameter

2 . Choose between
1 and 3 colors among the 7 available

3 . Choose an engraving - or not

Order and receive your creation within 20 days!