Tibetan singing bowl I Cristal Vibrasons

Discover the perks of using a Tibetan singing bowl

For years, people have used Tibetan singing bowls as sound therapy for mental and emotional regeneration. A Tibetan singing bowl vibrates when played, producing a special resonant tone unique to the bowl's history, shape, dimension, weight and size and offers powerful healing and relaxation benefits. It is special because it is made of alloys containing precious metals associated with the planets of our galaxy. Since ancient times, Buddhists have used Tibetan singing bowls to relax, alleviate stress and unwind through meditation, a practice that has continued to the modern era. Today, wellness practitioners, including yoga, massage and music therapists, use Tibetan singing bowls to induce mental healing during treatment. Some theories explaining the role of a Tibetan singing bowl include:

• The unique sound the bowl produces influences brainwaves inducing relaxation and calmness.
• When played, the bowl's vibrations positively affect the body and the mind.
• Tibetan singing bowls induce the same psychological effects as listening to music.

Sound therapy is associated with pulsive sounds that promote physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Immersing yourself in a sound bath through a Tibetan singing bowl allows your brain to temporarily put everything on the side and focus on the present, putting your body in an environment that is more receptive to healing. Here is a profound view of the roles of Tibetan singing bowls.

It promotes mental relaxation

Using a Tibetan singing bowl helps you access alpha and theta brainwaves resulting in calmness and insight beyond the rational mind. In other words, it enables you to relax, unwind and stimulate your creativity thanks to its pure and natural notes. Alpha brainwaves are frequencies that help you feel more alert, inflow, relaxed and are achieved with eyes closed in a meditation state. On the other hand, theta brainwaves produce a feeling of open-mindedness, creativity, and relaxation to repattern your brain. Regular use of the bowl helps you feel harmonious and free, allowing relaxation on both sides of the brain. Additionally, the sound vibrations also induce mental healing by reducing anxiety, stress and depression.

It induces physical healing

Tibetan singing bowls also play another role in physical healing. They promote muscle regeneration, relieve pain in the shoulders, joints and muscles, improve blood circulation, ease the pain associated with sciatica, headaches, migraines and spine injuries. Being exposed to chronic stress levels can negatively impact the body's ability to heal itself but embracing a meditative practice using a singing bowl makes your body more receptive to healing. The unique tone of a Tibetan singing bowl stabilizes blood pressure, renews the functioning of the adrenal gland, improves the synaptic responses of the brain, stimulates the immune system and eliminates toxins from the body.

It stimulates your spiritual self

A Tibetan singing bowl is a powerful sound media that can put the human spirit in different states of consciousness. The high frequency of the singing bowl reaches your innermost essence promoting a positive feeling of self. Many people who use singing bowls for meditation say they experience bliss and a better harmony balance in their spiritual wellbeing. When you relax with the sound of the bowl ringing in your mind, the vibrations stimulate spiritual healing by alleviating feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, anger, depression, low self-esteem and insomnia. The bowl's sound is associated with cleansing chakras (energetic centres), harmonizing the cells, and balancing your body's energy system. That explains why people used Tibetan singing bowls as altar and ceremonial tools to induce peace and calmness.