Cristal Vibrasons crystal bowls and other instruments can be incorporated into the great majority of care practices and forms of therapeutic support.

Excellent therapeutic tools, crystal bowls trigger self-healing processes through their frequency sets and the crystalline energy from quartz.

In reality, it’s not only sounds that emanate from your crystal bowl! Above all, it’s a pure and very subtle energy that you will activate to care for other people! In other words, you are not performing care – you are a witness to it. It's the client him/herself who activates his/her channels of self-healing, just as this person puts up defenses and obstacles that prevent self-healing. Being a witness puts you from outset in a position where you can support this person.

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Blog article ‘4 clés pour introduire un bol de cristal dans un soin’ (‘4 Keys to starting using a crystal bowl in care practice’) (in French)  

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