Transparent crystal bowl

Its long and subtle song will suit you if you have developed a great sensitivity. A major degree towards Excellence.

  • Natural quartz and practitioner bowl
  • 7’’ (18 cm) or 8’’ (20 cm) diameter for a medium-bass, long and stable sound
  • Color: transparent
  • Medium sound (octave 4) or bass (octave 3)
  • Note: different notes possible
  • Spiral: dynamic allowing a progressive elevation of the vibratory rate
from  €249.00
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The essential of the therapist for multi-dimensional powerful care.​

  • 1’’ (2.5cm) polished natural quartz Diapason is the optimum size chosen for its lightness and reliability, with its carrying case
  • A clear-quartz practitioner singing crystal bowl, 7’’ (18cm) diameter for a medium-low, long and stable sound. Delivered with its protective and carrying case and a suede stick li >
  • A 7’’(18cm) quartz Holon is a double inverted 3D pyramid, sound and vibratory, made with tube-solid, in natural quartz, polished & welded
  • Two online formations on the Crystal Academy, the online school of Cristal Vibrasons (in French with english subtitles)
from  €899.00
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This relaxing pink bowl invites you to inner peace

  • Polished natural quartz and practitioner bowl
  • 8’’ (20cm) diameter for a deep and stable sound
  • Color: pink for its gentle influence on affective states
  • Deep sound (octave 3)
  • F Note (Fa) linked to the heart chakra of which color is pink (with green)
  • Spiral: clear, inspiring serene action
from  €279.00
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This bowl will take you out of yourself at the speed of sound! Absolutely magical! A vibratory arrow launched towards infinity.

  • Polished natural quartz and practitioner Bowl
  • Between 3’’ (8cm) and 4’’ (10cm) diameter for a pure sound
  • Color: transparent
  • very high-pitched sound (octave 5)
  • Note: B (Si) to activate the crown chakra (7th chakra)
  • Spiral: dynamic and quick
from  €139.00
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The marriage of the delicacy of sound and burgundy light, the blood of heaven.

  • Polished natural quartz and practitioner bowl
  • 7’’ (18cm) diameter for a medium-bass, long-lasting and stable sound
  • Color: Burgundy (old rose)
  • From Medium sound (octave 4) to bass (octave 3) depending on the thickness of the wall
  • A or A# Note, Ajna Chakra
  • Spiral: quick to energize the pineal gland
from  €289.00
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Its long and subtle singing will suit you if you have developed a great sensitivity much higher than those of the white frosted.

  • Polished natural quartz bowl
  • 7"  (18 cm) and 8’’ (20cm) diameter for a medium-bass, long and stable sound
  • Color: transparent
  • From medium sound (octave 4) to bass (octave 3)
  • Note: different possible notes
  • Spiral: rather slow allowing rapid refocusing
from  €303.00
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Set of 7 Transparent and practitioner bowls: The wonder of pure sounds in a single set !

  • Polished natural quartz Bowls
  • From 5’’ (13cm) to 6.5’’ (17cm) diameter
  • Color: transparent
  • Medium-bass sound (octave 3/4)
  • Notes: A B C D E F G (Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si)
  • Dynamic and distinct Spiral
  • Ergonomic set, with high quality foam inside, cut to the exact shape of the instrument and accessories
  • Set developed to protect and transport bowls. Also designed to be used as a mounting bracket (outside of the lid) when you play !
from  €2,590.00
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