Which crystal bowl to choose I Cristal Vibrasons

Conclusion of the White Paper

The crystal bowl is still a niche in the alternative medicine in comparison with its metal equivalent. 

The latter gives a wide range of possibilities on the horizontal axis, whereas the quartz bowl explores the vertical one. These two types are complementary and require caution and care to choose them and to use them wisely.

The contemporary metal bowl is far from the legendary one made of seven metals mentioned in a Tibetan tale. Nevertheless, such commercial offer has blossomed in boutiques.

To choose your own bowl means, above all, to know your needs, your relationships and to recognise its usage, since the range is wide and the price - sometimes really high.

At any rate, getting such a crystalline companion is to make a step towards the Awakening. It is also sharing this music of the Spheres with these who are eager to discover it. The future will show that Men and Women with good will who open their hearts to the crystalline dimension lay foundations for the New Earth.

When the humans enter a superior expression of their spiritual nature in the next century, despite all that apparently proves the contrary, healing will be achieved through work with sound. You will assist, in the years to come, in the renaissance of medicine applying all sounds possible, technological as well as intuitive, which implies use of the voice to carry out healing.

Tom Kenyon