Crystal era – it is now I Cristal Vibrasons

Crystal era – it is now!

Our evolution has had several stages: Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, modern era with its domination of fossils which we are running out of… Do you know, however, that we live in the crystal era? If you removed all quartz from your chip card, what of our digital achievements would survive?

Quartz has two fundamental qualities which make it extraordinary:

1. It is “memory’, as it encodes information

2. It is a semiconductor and transfers information

What is more, quartz can also produce its own energy due to piezoelectricity. It contributes to all contemporary electronics.

Used in technology which revolutionises our world, quartz influences our life. It is omnipresent in us, on Earth, and in the universe. There is only one step to take so that this material participates in the awakening of consciousness. And we are now taking this step.

The contemporary world is changing not only vibratory paradigm, but also vibratory frequency.

It seems that the electric field around Earth let the first cells form life, next the magnetic field placed our planet in a close relation with cosmic forces and, recently, activation of the crystalline field has made us resonate with the spiritual dimension of the being.

Earth is increasing its vibration and we, the human beings, have to accompany this movement through radical changes in our beliefs and behaviour if we want our civilisation to evolve. The process of mental, physical and energetic purification is achieved through deliberate liberation from conditioned reactions and other karmic imprints.

The crystal bowl is designed for such internal alchemy. More and more people reach for this invention in meditation, therapy and other various spiritual practices to contact their crystalline identity.