Sound practice enhances relaxation and meditation I Cristal Vibrasons

The place of Sound in our mental activity

Sound is the origin of the worlds we call Tradition. The germs of Sound give birth to Manifestation (cosmic creation) whose only tiny particle Earth is. In other words, from primordial silence Sound emerges carrying various states of being (consciousness, thought, love, light, energy, matter).

1/ Sound practice enhances relaxation and meditation

A lot of people have experienced positive effects of music on their relaxation, excitement or emotion. Pure sound is not transmitted through the mental or the emotional. It goes directly to water in our body and makes our cells vibrate, thus letting the tension go. The relaxed body, slower heartbeat and respiration enable our brain to enter Alpha mode or quasi-hypnotic state. Thanks to these positive effects, Sound of the crystal bowl is considered to evoke deep meditative and regenerating state of mind and body.

2/ Sound of the frequency of crystal in therapy

A number of research studies have shown that sounds, through their variety of notes and frequencies, affect directly our health. 

For example, oncologist Mitchell L. Gaynor has published in his work “Sounds of healing” (l’Aigle edition) research results and his reflections on use of crystal bowls in cancer treatment. According to him, the results are compelling. He showed that playing a crystal bowl and singing mantra psalms or other sounds stimulates self-healing, thus reducing chemical treatment. The principle is simple and complicated at the same time. The energy of sound is guided by the player’s Intent (the Word). It integrates with subtle bodies (energetic centres) through the points called chakras. Repetition serves purification, harmony and release of blocking memories.

Therapies and alternative medicine (Feng shui, Reiki, massage, sophrology, music therapy, yoga, etc.) more and more resort to crystal bowls to boost the beneficial effect of their practice.

3/ The crystalline frequency on our path to spiritual awakening

In all traditions sound is recognised as a springboard for silence.

Carrying vibratory qualities of crystal, sound also enhances various stages of purification of our internal temple. Thanks to its crystalline frequency, it gradually helps us get in contact with our crystalline dimension where our crystalline identity resides. This presence of yourself only for yourself is pure joy, pure love and pure consciousness. This purity of self is our profound nature. Crystalline vibration is an intrinsic quality of our soul rid of all attachments to memories of the Ego.

Playing a crystal bowl during our spiritual rituals strengthens our connection with spiritual dimension, since such practice naturally increases focus and broadens our consciousness. It opens us up to the presence “I am”.