Introduction of The White Paper I Cristal Vibrasons Shop

Introduction of The White Paper

A few words about the authors

CristalvibraSons is a company created in 2004 dedicated to therapeutic and spiritual practices. It specialises in crystal singing bowls. Pascal and Muriel Lacombe are coachers and therapists who founded the website united their skills and effort to make a new path leading to crystalline self development. They made this path open to us thanks to exceptional crystal bowls they offer.

The crucible of the contemporary alchemist

Each time reveals its own vibratory and sound devices which accompany the initiated on their path of enlightenment. The wooden didgeridoo guided the Aborigines into their trances to open the consciousness of their tribe and enter the Invisible. Shamanistic drums made of animal skin made yurts and tipis resonate with universal rhythms chanted to honour Mother Earth. Later in monasteries metal bowls helped the meditating to learn their practice and service.

Nowadays, the Time requires quantum matter for the constantly changing world destined for the conquer of new territories – crystal of quartz.

Thus, the crystal bowl, through its frequency, purity and beauty, takes us into multi-dimensionality.