Transparent therapeutic crystal bowl

Choosing a transparent therapetic bowl means vibrating at high frequencies of crystal energy. These instruments are dedicated to health practitioners and therapists, as well as for meditation. The crystal frequency of translucent bowls is higher than that of white frosted bowls. The polishing process used by our craftsmen, according to our guidelines, achieves a perfect balance between deep sound and sonic power.

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The plurality of crystalline sounds at the service of sound therapy. A major degree towards Excellence: PROFESSIONAL MATERIAL recognized by therapists.

  • Singing bowl in polished and iridescent natural quartz - Elegant shape - NEW MODEL (Cristal Vibrasons exclusive)
  • Design and ergonomic handle facilitating handling in an instrument of great beauty.
  • 2 bowls, singing on different notes and whose intervals created singular states of being.
  • Color : transparent iridescent rainbow
  • Medium tone (octave 4) in third (harmonization) or in 1/2 tone of difference - binaural (synchronization)
  • Spiral: tonic, allowing a progressive rise in the vibratory rate with a long sustain .
  • Very tall model with pure tone (40 cm)

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Its long and subtle singing will suit you if you have developed a great sensitivity much higher than those of the white frosted.

  • Polished natural quartz bowl
  • From 15 to 27 cm in diameter according to the notes
  • Long and stable song
  • Color: transparent
  • Tone: very low (octave 2) low (octave 3) medium (octave 4)
  • Perfect pitch
  • Tuning frequency in 440 and 432 Hz
  • Spiral: rather slow allowing rapid refocusing
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Its long and subtle song will suit you if you have developed a great sensitivity. A major degree towards Excellence.

  • Singing bowl in polished natural quartz - Elegant shape - NEW MODEL (Cristal Vibrasons exclusive)
  • Full handle for maximum power because lots of quartz and more solid than the hollow handle. Kinesthetic vibratory contact and great maneuverability.
  • Spike on the end of the handle to put on the body
  • From 10 to 23 cm in diameter for a stable and pure sound
  • Color: transparent Acute tone (octave 5) medium (octave 4)  low (octave 3) or bass (octave 2)
  • Note: large choice of possible notes
  • Spiral: dynamic allowing a gradual increase in the vibratory rate with a very long song.
  • Very tall model for large sizes with incomparable deep sound
  • Premium quality protection carrying bag available.
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This bowl will take you out of yourself at the speed of sound! Absolutely magical! A vibratory arrow launched towards infinity.

  • Polished natural quartz and practitioner Bowl
  • Between 3’’ (8cm) and 4’’ (10cm) diameter for a pure sound
  • Color: transparent
  • very high-pitched sound (octave 5)
  • Note: B (Si) to activate the crown chakra (7th chakra)
  • Spiral: dynamic and quick
  • Supplied with a splendid crystal mallet and a suede.
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The sacredness of the feminine and the lunar cycles. PROFESSIONAL MATERIAL

  • Handle bowl with clear natural quartz NEW EXCEPTIONAL MODEL
  • Big size 9" D note with long, very deep and stable singing
  • In accordance with Svadhistahana, female chakra
  • ENGRAVING : Stylized lunar cycles - Cristal Vibrasons design
  • Clear color
  • Bass sound ( 3 octave)
  • Spiral: sharp and ascending
  • Available carrying bag: Here
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This set consisting of 8 clear singing bowls octave 3 C note to next octave, sizes and progressive notes, will transport you to the heart of the most subtle of crystal frequencies.

  • Premium quality natural quartz bowls, clear and stackable.
  • 6,5" to 9" diameters 
  • Very long sustain and great purity tones
  • Notes: the notes of the diatonic scale (C3,D,E,F,G,A,B,C,C4)
  • Bass, medium acute octaves
  • Spiral: clear, clearly audible
  • 2 suitable transport and protective covers included
  • Special composition in bowl sizes for yoga and therapy classes
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The essential of the therapist for multi-dimensional powerful care.​

  • Polished natural quartz tunning fork with 2,5 cm diameter, the optimum size chosen for its lightness and reliability, with its carrying case
  • A clear-quartz practitioner singing crystal bowl, 6" or 7’’ diameter (subject to availability) for a medium-low, long and stable sound. Delivered with its protective and carrying case and a suede stick.
  • A 8’’(20cm) quartz Holon is a double inverted 3D pyramid, sound and vibratory, made with tube-solid, in natural quartz, polished & welded
  • Two online formations on the Crystal Academy, the online school of Cristal Vibrasons (in French with english subtitles)
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