The Immaculed 440 Hz - Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl

The Immaculed 440 Hz - Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl

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The great classic of crystal bowl with Cristal Vibrasons'PREMIUM finishing (direct shipment from France)

  • Natural filter quartz bowl with a smooth, non-grainy sandblasted wall
  • from 15 to 50 cm in diameter across the entire color range for an XXL choice!
  • Color: immaculed white thanks to the purity of the selected quartz (USA, Brazil and China)
  • From high-pitched sound (octave 5) to deep sound (octave 3)
  • Very long sustain (edge length) thanks to our rigorous specifications
  • Notes tuning 440 Hz except indicated 432- The word "Pure" next to the note means that it is perfect pitch
  • Maximum vibratory power: Variable sound spiral according to diameters and the bowl itself
  • RARE: for a smooth sound,  a suede mallet and as a gift a crystal and silicone mallet (value 25€)
  • Thick opaque transparent 0-ring support for a delicate and stable installation
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(Professional crystal sound therapists can advise you, if necessary.)

  • No drop shipping ! All our instruments are sent from France after inspection. 

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For more than 15 years, we have developed crystal bowls because we have put in place specific specifications for our collection of singing bowls:

Selecting the manufacturers is essential because few know the use of these laboratory crucibles diverted from their functions to become singing bowls.
- Cast with impeccable quartz purity among a large number of quality levels linked to the origin of the mineral
- Refine the sanding processes to erase the friction noise of the mallet
- Choose the bowls with the longest song (sustain) by eliminating rejects and medium range bowls found in market places or drop shipping stores.
- Perfectly control each instrument to check the high crystal frequency after vibratory cleaning of each bowl.
- Send the crystal bowl directly from our showroom without dropshipping (sending by the manufacturer without quality guarantee and with customs duties and taxes) Many dealers hide this abuse and this practice opens the door to unpleasant surprises and to dissatisfaction with the bowl received.
We guarantee the excellence of our collections because we design them with our craftsmen and we use them for our personal and professional practices.

Our Accessories: quality and performance down to the last detail

Premium gaming stick is silicone mallet to prevent rubbing noise. A suede is included except for the small bowls (15 to 20 cm) because it is too noisy and therefore unnecessary. A white, thick and elegant silicone support for a stable hold.

What uses?

Everything is possible with the Immaculed, to create elixirs, to work with the water, to meditate, to accompany concerts or sound trips, to realize energetic care, to sing mantras ... etc. Moreover, they are excellent mediators for therapeutic accompaniments.

What advantages?

Their sound and vibratory power is remarkable, stable and long, whatever the diameter of the bowl. It’s easy to play with. They can be used indoors and outdoors.

Some diameters are heavy to wear. Their power requires to raise awareness about their use and also to develop the control of the energetic fields they deploy and elevate.

432 or 440 hz: what's the difference?

Actually for a single bowl no need to formalize! For example, the same singing bowl detected by a tuner with D note in 440 hz will give (with this same tuner) a D # in 432 Hz. We change just standard but it is still the same quartz instrument which does not change. On the other hand, for a set of bowls of crystal there is very different. The  A note bowl being tuned to 432 Hz will determine all other notes in the set. And there will be a real difference between a set in 440 Hz and another set in 432 Hz.

In summary, unless you are a musician or convinced that 432 Hz is the best frequency for you, the ESSENTIAL IS CRYSTALLINE ENERGY. It is she who purifies, clarifies or raises the vibratory rate of the Living. The rest is a matter of personal affinity and stock status in 432 hz

Attention: over an octave (C D E F G A B), the last note is always higher than the first! Example: C octave 4 (medium) is lower than B octave 4 (medium). So, If octave 4 is high to the ear, because it is the note which precedes the C octave 5 ! TO LISTEN TO THE NOTES in 440 Hz: listen to the Chakra symphonie box set  (click)
Quartz givré sablé

Carrying protective bags for Crystal singing bowl

Cristal Vibrasons
The Cristal Vibrasons protection bags are padded, lightweight and elegant. Of remarkable quality in sewing and fabric. 7'' (18cm) to 12'' (30 cm) Singing bowl Bags Solid, washable and convenient Bags Hanse to insert your mallet Violet or blue color according to delivery

Cristal Vibrasons selects for you singing crystal bowls of excellence. Since 2005, we have set rigorous specifications with our manufacturers to avoid granular crystal bowls and too thick. Our bowls are made of pure quartz and 100% natural. They are created according to an industrial process with international standards.

Our expertise is based on our singularity: therapist-teachers, distributors and designers range, we have the concern to offer you instruments that we test, purify and would like to use in our practices.

Originating from a French process used by Saint-Gobain, the laboratory crucibles became, thirty years ago, crystal singing bowls, an ingenious discovery of the American Cédric Wise. You will find everything about their origin in our white paper

Following the relocation, all crucible manufacturers have moved to China, thus transferring their know-how. The quartz used comes from Asia, the United States or Latin America.

Since 2004, we have been working with renowned manufacturers, certified to international standards (SGS) with whom we have drawn up demanding specifications, in accordance with our own professional practices and our choice of excellence.

A close partnership has therefore been established with creative artists. We inspire their work to create, with precision and beauty, our own collections. The Cristal Vibrasons singing bowls become incomparable vibratory and sound jewels for meditation!


Each crystal bowl is carefully wrapped by us to guarantee safe delivery. Benefiting from several years of experience in sending crystal bowls, Cristal Vibrasons has chosen suitable and robust packaging (double fluted cardboard, densified foam, polyester box)

Delivery delay

In stock

  • FRANCE - For any order made before 1:00 p.m. delivery the next day before 1:00 p.m. at home or at a relay point.
  • BELGIUM - SWITZERLAND - LUXEMBOURG: Delivery 3 days by Chronopost or 6/10 days by Colissimo EUROPE: 6/10 days by Colissimo
  • REST OF THE WORLD - Allow a delivery time of 15/20 working days

On command or tailored

Allow a delivery time between 15 and 20 days,

This period varies depending on the country of destination and the product

Shipping cost

Transport is provided by weight and destination, by Chronopost express or by Colissimo service of the French Post. You will get the delivery price after validating your delivery address.


It is essential to check the condition of the package in front of the delivery person. In case of breakage you must refuse the package by ABSOLUTELY notifying the reasons for the refusal. Under these conditions, the insurance taken out by us, for you, can work and we will send you a new bowl as soon as the damaged package is returned.

To limit shipping costs and for products on order or with a significant weight, we can very exceptionally use drop shipping.

Cristal Vibrasons can help you choose your bowl and answer your questions at anytime.

Please ask us all your questions on our live chat, we will be pleased to lead you to the perfect fit.

A choice on the net, guided by specialist trainers, can be simple and effective when your feelings match with their expertise.


We do not accept any refund or return for any product purchased out of stock and ordered for you pursuant to article L221-18 of the Consumer Code (goods made at the request of the consumer or clearly personalized)

The return of the product is not in the culture of Cristal Vibrasons because we make every effort to control each instrument and accompany people for their choice IN CONSCIOUSNESS (video, telephone interview, live chat, messaging).

It is however possible in case of damage noted by the carrier 48H00 after receipt.

Reviews about this product

Based on 113 reviews

  • Warren J.
    Published May 30, 2021 at 10:35 pm (Order date: May 22, 2021)

    Top bowl and quality. Love the sound

  • Rosa F.
    Published Jan 25, 2021 at 03:30 pm (Order date: Dec 07, 2020)

    Great resonance and vibration. Love it!

  • Valérie D.
    Published Dec 25, 2020 at 11:26 am (Order date: Dec 01, 2020)

    Très beau produit. Magnifique son.

  • Jean-Baptiste S.
    Published Dec 23, 2020 at 03:30 pm (Order date: Dec 12, 2020)

    Quel son! Déjà mon était conquis à l'écoute de la vidéo, mais le recevoir et l'écouter n'a pas de prix! Il m'accompagne et accompagne mes soins en apportant une atmosphère tellement apaisante et harmonisante! Merci

  • Paule S.
    Published Nov 26, 2020 at 07:14 am (Order date: Nov 16, 2020)

    Exactement et que je voulais pas grave mais pas trop

  • Laurent J.
    Published Sep 23, 2020 at 06:16 pm (Order date: Sep 21, 2020)

    Son très riche et puissant

  • Barbara F.
    Published Sep 14, 2020 at 10:03 am (Order date: Sep 06, 2020)

    Parfait, exactement ce que je recherchais.

  • Pascal S.
    Published Sep 07, 2020 at 04:39 pm (Order date: Sep 02, 2020)

    Sonorité exceptionnel, note pure, très bon sustain.

  • Anne-Marie K.
    Published Jun 24, 2020 at 05:44 pm (Order date: Mar 12, 2020)

    Très bonne qualité et très bien emballé, envoie rapide, je recommande vivement !!

  • Esmeralda S.
    Published Jun 23, 2020 at 12:48 pm (Order date: Jun 07, 2020)

    Bol chantant qui vous secoue des pieds à la tête. Un bien être incomparable après chaque soin.

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(Nuneaton, United Kingdom) on  15 May 2021 (The Immaculed 440 Hz - Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl) :

Excellent service

This bowl is simply beautiful. The tone is deep, and resonates within the body. The shipping was fast. When I buy another crystal bowl this is where I will shop.

Dear Vivien
Thank you very much for your wise advice. We are happy that the beauty of its sound will delight you.

Shop owner reply on 17 May 2021
(Glastonbury , United Kingdom) on  14 Apr. 2021 (The Immaculed 440 Hz - Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl) :

Amazing sound and quality!!

I bought a bowl tone G, 12”. I’m amazed with the beautiful quality and sound!! I’ve been using in my healing therapies and all my clients love it!! Thank you so much for your service of the awakening project!! :))

Love and light,

Elfa Falcoski

Dear Elfa,
We are honored by your gratitude to us and your appreciation for this Service.May this crystal frequency bring you all the clarity and Truth of who you are!

Shop owner reply on 14 Apr. 2021
(London, United Kingdom) on  09 Dec. 2020 (The Immaculed 440 Hz - Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl) :

Dear Rosa,
I put your comment back because it could not be saved because of the emoticon. Many thanks

Titre : Fast shipping and Amazing Product!

Commentaire : I seriously did not belive it when I received the package..The shipping was extremely fast! I was meant to buy it for my partners birthday and I was worried I will not receive it before the date, but they made sure i have it way before. Apart from shipping I am very happy with the bowl and the resonance and vibration of its sound.
Thank you

Shop owner reply on 10 Dec. 2020
(La Turbie , France) on  19 Nov. 2020 (The Immaculed 440 Hz - Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl) :

Dear Pawel,
We are so honored to serve you and receive your warm compliments. Many thanks

Shop owner reply on 19 Nov. 2020
(Dublin, Ireland) on  01 May 2020 (The Immaculed 440 Hz - Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl) :

Appreciate it.

Thank you very much! They arrived this morning and everything is ok. Thew are in perfect condition and wonderful.
Have a

Dear Elidia,
We are delighted with your satisfaction and we are honored that our high quality crystal bowls vibrate in Ireland. Thank you for your trust. Happy crystal frequencies!

Shop owner reply on 01 May 2020
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