Pascal has been an entrepreneur, a state-registered trainer, and Vincent Lenhardt-certified “Coach and Team” coach. He later added ODA (Ontologie Dynamique Appliquée - Dynamic Applied Ontology) to his therapeutic practice. A self-taught man and pioneer in the use of crystal bowls for more than 10 years, he negotiates with the world's leading manufacturers using strict standards to select bowls and instruments. He has developed training courses, an ethical framework, and techniques to effectively use these powerful accelerators of growth.

“After reintegrating my soul’s main traditions (Native American, Peruvian, Celtic, Hindu, Berber, Eurasian, and Atlantean), Sounds now unite my work as a guide to awakened consciousness. This is a path upon which we are all disciples and masters of ourselves”.


Muriel is a holistic therapist, psychotherapist, trainer, and certified life coach (DPRH Jacques Dechance). She was formerly a state-certified nurse, health executive in hospitals and the psychiatry/paediatric psychiatry field, then a trainer at the Institut des Métiers de la Santé (a university centre). Her career has always been focused on human potential. Inspired by the Reliance pedagogy, her approach encompasses the different dimensions of Being. The integration of Sound into her practice is an example of her therapeutic synthesis.

“Sounds are extremely effective intermediaries for those undertaking a psycho-spiritual journey. Paradoxically, they encourage inner silence, so we can listen to and hear what is said. These Sounds connect us to the deepest part of our Being, to what makes us suffer in the present, what is repeating from our past, and the place where we are free from all conditioning. These Sounds connect us to the depth of our Being”.

We have been guiding individuals and groups for more than 20 years. When we work together, we harmonise our sensibilities to co-create, lead, transmit, relax, and guide as a pair. This dynamic union of the feminine and masculine offers a reassuring and caring environment, a harmonious balance, and the richness of our different approaches.

To share our expertise in sound energy therapy, we created a centre in France: the Cristal Vibrasons Centre. It is a place where people can awaken to the experience of Being.


In a world in which everything is quick and accelerate, meditating, refocusing and calming your mind and raising your energy level is a daily challenge to cultivate your inner freedom!


At the service of the human being - in all its states - and the awakening of the consciences for a more wise, responsible and serene world.


Offering crystal singing bowls and natural quartz instruments, teachings and a space of sound meditation to those who are committed to sounding for therapeutic purposes or for meditation.


A center to learn and live the experience of sound meditation. An online school, educational platform with personalized support. An innovative site with an online store and a blog about the use of sounds.

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Superior sound and vibration quality via controls and strict specifications
Our platform is the only one in the world to teach you online how to use crystal bowls
Experts and certified coaches
Since 2005, Muriel and Pascal dedicate their everyday life to the crystal frequency
We accompany you by phone or by messages to the choices of your crystal bowl
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