Lotus 432 Hz - Crystal colored singing bowl

Lotus 432 Hz - Crystal colored singing bowl

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Natural frequencies of 432 Hz and invigorating colors for incomparable bowls

  • Premium Quality Natural Quartz Bowl, Smooth Non-Granular Wall
  • from 18 to 35 cm in diameter on the 432 hz range, with matching note / chakra / color of the lotus flower and painted yantra in the bottom of the bowl
  • Color: white with lotus flower and yantra painted in chakra color
  • Medium sound (octave 4) in 432 Hertz
  • Notes: Red Root Chakra - Orange Sacred Chakra - Yellow Solar Chakra - Green Chakra Chakra - Light Laryngeal Chakra Floor - The Third Eye Chakra Indigo- Purple Chakra Crown
  • Spiral: variable according to the diameters and the bowl itself
Diameter (cm / inch)

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CRISTALVIBRASONS ADVANTAGES (everything is done for a conscious purchase - Secure packaging and fast shipping)

    Your bowl comes with a suede mallet and a rubber laying circle.
    The Lotus 432 Hz are frosted-white crystal bowls on the wall of which are painted lotus flowers and in the bottom of the bowl the yantra corresponding to the chakra. They are available on musical notes accorded to the 432 Hz.

    What uses?
    Everything is possible with the Lotus 432, create elixirs, work with water, meditate, accompany concerts or sound travels, perform energy treatments, sing mantras ... etc. In addition, they are exceptional mediators in therapeutic accompaniments.

    What advantages?
    Their frequency on the 432 range gives them a vibratory lightness quite remarkable. They are subtle and their sound and vibratory power is qualitative! In addition, the sounds are stable and their sustain is long, regardless of the diameter of the bowl. Moreover, they are sensitive and therefore very easy to play. They can be used indoors and outdoors. The quartz selected by our manufacturers is the purest of the silicas used for these singing bowls and among the many levels of quality required for the manufacture of these crucibles.

    Their drawbacks?

    Some diameters are heavy to wear. Their power requires to raise awareness about their use and also to develop the control of the energetic fields they deploy and elevate.

    Saddlebags are available for purchase.

    Quartz givré sablé

    Cristal Vibrasons selects for you singing crystal bowls of excellence. Since 2005, we have set rigorous specifications with our manufacturers to avoid granular crystal bowls and too thick. Our bowls are made of pure quartz and 100% natural. They are created according to an industrial process with international standards.

    Our expertise is based on our singularity: therapist-teachers, distributors and designers range, we have the concern to offer you instruments that we test, purify and would like to use in our practices.

    Originating from a French process used by Saint-Gobain, the laboratory crucibles became, thirty years ago, crystal singing bowls, an ingenious discovery of the American Cédric Wise.

    Cristal Vibrasons selects the advanced industries installed in China for the quality of the natural quartz from its soil and for their know-how acquired for 50 years. Thus, we collaborate with renowned manufacturers, certified to international standards (SGS) with which we have developed a demanding specification, in accordance with our own professional practices.

    A close partnership has therefore been established with creative artists and our team inspires their work to create, with precision and beauty, our own collections. The Cristal Vibrasons vessels then become incomparable vibratory and sound jewels for meditation!


    Each crystal bowl is carefully packaged by our team to ensure safe delivery. From several years, Cristal Vibrasons is sending crystal bowl all around the world and has adapted robust and sage packaging. Today, we count less than 1% breakage regarding our shipments abroad!

    Delivery Time

    We are back in "the long time" and we need to relearn patience but also to accept to bear the costs of postage and packaging, which fierce competition had made free, without valuation.

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    • Expect a delivery time of 7 days

    On command

    • Expect a delivery time between 15 and 20 days
    • The delivery time varies according to the country and the product

    Shipping cost

    Shipping costs change according to the country of destination (your address) and the total weight of the package. The total cost is calculated automatically when you validate your basket and fill in your delivery address.

    Customs fees

    Transport is provided by Colissimo service of the French Post, you will get the price of delivery after validating your delivery address. The latter takes into account the weight of the selected bowl. Custom products first pass through our shop for inspection and then they are sent to customers. In the European Union no customs fees or taxes are to be paid.

    Cristal Vibrasons can help you choose your bowl and answer your questions at anytime.

    Please ask us all your questions on our live chat, we will be pleased to lead you to the perfect fit.

    A choice on the net, guided by specialist trainers, can be simple and effective when your feelings match with their expertise.


    We do not accept any refund or return for any product purchased out of stock and ordered for you pursuant to article L221-18 of the Consumer Code (goods made at the request of the consumer or clearly personalized)

    The return of the product is not in the culture of Cristal Vibrasons because we make every effort to control each instrument and accompany people for their choice IN CONSCIOUSNESS (video, telephone interview, live chat, messaging).

    It is however possible in case of damage noted by the carrier 48H00 after receipt.

    What our clients say
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    (Dublin, Ireland) on  06 May 2020 (Lotus 432 Hz - Crystal colored singing bowl) :

    ...even in the middle of a pandemic

    I purchased frosted bowls and they arrived to Ireland within two weeks even in the middle of a pandemic. The website is very easy to navigate and Pascal and Muriel answered my mails very fast too, close and personalized service. I already recomended it and I will keep doing it. Excelent service. Merci beaucoup!

    Dear Elidia,
    We are honored for your warm comment. In this delicate situation, we have the opportunity to be able to serve our customers by respecting a correct deadline, while ensuring the security of our precious instruments, everywhere in the world. Thank you for giving us the chance to serve you!

    Shop owner reply on 06 May 2020
    (Maidstone , United Kingdom) on  21 Apr. 2020 (Lotus 432 Hz - Crystal colored singing bowl) :


    I received my bowl yesterday and I am very, very happy with it. I play it many times a day. It is my first crystal bowl and I love it! the sound is very pure. Thank you so much!

    Dear Alara
    We are truly touched and honored that your first crystal bowl has been chosen with us. We wish you a vibrant path of awakening to your crystalline dimension. Namasté
    Pascal and Muriel

    Shop owner reply on 22 Apr. 2020
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