Crystal Instruments

Cristal Vibrasons designs quartz instruments such as the tuning fork, the crystal harp, the pyramid, the holon and the Merkabah. These therapeutic tools vibrate at very high frequencies and are used to activate crystal energy in all dimensions of Being.

Meditate with the energy of the origins. The structure of eternal peace.

  • Sound and vibratory 3D pyramids made with polished natural quartz and hot-welded solids tubes
  • From High-pitched sound to deep tone depending on diameter
  • 20 cm: medium-high tone, fast and tight spiral vortex, virtue: energizes
  • 25 cm: mid-bass tone, dynamic spiral vortex; virtue: balance
  • 30 cm: deep sound, harmonious spiral vortex; virtue: refocus
  • 35 cm: very deep sound and incomparable sound power; virtue: anchor
  • 7 cm: very high sound for a small pyramid in octave 6: raises awareness
  • Color: transparent
  • Sound: 2 different sounds that make it possible to release generous harmonics
  • High-quality energetic and pure sound whatever the diameter.
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Crystalline energy gives us the most refined rapture ever! Innovation Cristal Vibrasons.

 2 years GUARANTEE against any manufacturing defect.

    • The Vibraphone crystal is made of natural quartz, not synthetic quartz.
    • Diatonic range in 432 Hz (DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, SI DO) with 8 tubes
    • Innovative fastening system: translucent and discrete elastics, keeping each tube independently of the others
    • Comfortable grip and incredible lightness of the instrument
    • Stability perfect notes through a strong framework and non-pierced tubes
    • Octave: 5 and 6 - acute - with a harmonic richness of great subtlety
    • Transport and protection case qualitative, aluminum (light), to tidy up.
    • Possibility to choose clear or light clear seven color tubes
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Activate your self-healing and equilibrium process of your polarities.

  • Double inverted 3D pyramids, pure sound, made with polished natural quartz and welded solid tubes
  • Diameters: from 8’’ (20cm) to 12’’ (30cm)
  • Color : transparent
  • Sound: 2 different sounds that make it possible to release generous harmonics
  • High-quality energetic and pure sound whatever the diameter.
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Activate your energetic vehicle and awaken your memories of ancient Egypt

  • 2 nested 3D tetrahedra, high-quality sound and vibratory, like the Star of David, made with polished natural quartz rods, also solid and welded
  • Diameter: 10'' and 11" medium and bass sound, superposition of dynamic harmonics. Virtue: modified state of consciousness
  • Color: transparent
  • Sound: a single sound that the light percussions of the stems will be multiplied into high harmonics
  • High quality Sound and vibration: very pure and elevated energy whatever the diameter.
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A majestic structure that celebrates the balance of the universe.​

  • A Holon including a merkabah at its center: made with polished and welded natural quartz solids tubes
  • Diameters: The 16’’ (40cm) Holon has a very deep sound with an expanding vortex. Virtue: expanse and align
  • The 9’’ (23cm) Merkabah has a medium sound with a balanced and energizing spiral vortex
  • Color: transparent
  • Several sounds on this sacred instrument with the bass Holon and the highs of his Merkabah which make pure harmonics.
  • High quality Sound and vibration. Very pure and very elevated energy
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The crystalline energy serve your healing. An essential for the therapist.

  • Polished natural quartz diapason
  • Diameter of the 2 stems: 2.5 cm which is the optimum size chosen for its lightness and reliability
  • Color: transparent
  • Pure and crystalline energy
  • Note: indeterminate, not very audible but what matters is vibratory and energetic quality, putting on the body
  • Tips with a pin for acupuncture points or flat
  • Purple or blue case, high quality foam interior, cut to the exact shape of the instrument
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