Crystal Harp and tuning fork

Welcome to the enchanting realm of our exclusive models. Our Crystal Harps are specific and innovative. Our crystal tuning forks for therapists and healthcare professionals are designed for powerful vibration, light weight and extraordinary precision.

Crystalline energy gives us the most refined rapture ever! Innovation Cristal Vibrasons.

 2 years GUARANTEE against any manufacturing defect.

    • The Vibraphone crystal is made of natural quartz, not synthetic quartz.
    • Diatonic range in 432 Hz (DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, SI DO) with 8 tubes
    • Innovative fastening system: translucent and discrete elastics, keeping each tube independently of the others
    • Comfortable grip and incredible lightness of the instrument
    • Stability perfect notes through a strong framework and non-pierced tubes
    • Octave: 5 and 6 - acute - with a harmonic richness of great subtlety
    • Transport and protection case qualitative, aluminum (light), to tidy up.
    • Possibility to choose clear or light clear seven color tubes
from  €999.00
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The magic of crystal energy in a quartz harp tuned in 432 Hz! Divine magic spreads its wings ...

Elegance and beauty in its purest form

      • The Divine Magie harp is in polished natural quartz and not in synthetic quartz.
      • In 432 Hz: octave 5 D, E, F, G,A; octave 6 C, D, E with 8 tubes
      • Acrylic harp rim engraved with a flower of life at its top. Maintaining the tubes by a translucent and discreet elastic thread, keeping each tube independent of the others. Tubes not drilled
      • Can be played on the ground, by hand or on its support.
      • Comfortable grip and incredible lightness of the instrument
      • Octave: 5 and 6 - high - with harmonic richness of great subtlety
      • The 2 Sticks in their satin pouch are in the trunk
      • Numbered certificate of manufacture, delivered with your wonder crystal harp !

from  €1,420.00
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The crystalline energy serve your healing. An essential for the therapist.

  • Polished natural quartz diapason
  • Diameter of the 2 stems: 2.5 cm which is the optimum size chosen for its lightness and reliability
  • Color: transparent
  • Pure and crystalline energy
  • Note: indeterminate, not very audible but what matters is vibratory and energetic quality, putting on the body
  • Tips with a pin for acupuncture points or flat
  • Purple or blue case, high quality foam interior, cut to the exact shape of the instrument
from  €249.00
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