2 practices days about the axis of the body singing to dare your voice without even knowing how to sing!

  • Practice slackening exercises and body awareness
  • Enter into the moving body meditation
  • Untie the bonds that prevent you from giving birth by voice
  • Restore mind-body harmony
  • Singing with a crystal bowl
from  €350.00
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2 days to share with the sounds and the energy of new vibratory instruments like the pyramid, the crystal holon, the big vehicle, the exceptional bowls and the quartz tuning fork

  • Immerse yourself in the heart of crystal sounds and frequencies
  • Practice with various vibratory and sound instruments for therapeutic purposes
  • Live the experience of sound traveling
  • Experimenting with new practices
from  €350.00
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2 practices days to learn how to meditate with sounds. No more laborious practices!

  • Learn how to untie your body before meditating
  • Practice sound meditation
  • Use the basics of the "science of the verb" to meditate
  • Enter into inner silence
from  €144.00
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2 days of practice on the way of sacred sounds and mantras of different traditions with the discovery of sounds in the water!

  • Practice sounds from sonic therapies
  • Use mantras and other sacred sounds
  • Meditate with the sacred sounds
  • Practice body awareness exercises
  • Experiencing the power of sounds in water
  • Singing with a crystal bowl
from  €250.00
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