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Official site of Cristal Vibrasons, European brand benchmark for singing crystal bowls

An harmonic alchemy of yin & yang into the unique marriage of quartz (yin) and gold (yang).

  • Practitioner Bowl - Natural Quartz and 24 carat gold
  • A diameter of 7’’ (18cm) for a middle register sound, which promoting the release of emotions
  • Middle Register Sound (octave 4)
  • C (note DO) - Linked to the Root Chakra to keep in touch with earth’s energy, present and to manifest oneself unity
  • B Note (SI): linked to the Crown Chakra so that the Consciousness and love-wisdom penetrate oneself and harmonize yin/yang polarities
  • Spiral: clear
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Superior sound and vibration quality via controls and strict specifications
Our platform is the only one in the world to teach you online how to use crystal bowls
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Since 2005, Muriel and Pascal dedicate their everyday life to the crystal frequency
We accompany you by phone or by messages to the choices of your crystal bowl
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