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Crystal TAO 道 432 Hz - 8 crystal colored and engraved bowls €2,875.00

Crystal TAO 道 432 Hz - 8 crystal colored and engraved bowls


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PRE-ORDER - At your place in 20 days after inspection
PRE-ORDER - At your place in 20 days after inspection

The majesty of a prestigious ensemble that combines Beauty, Purity and Power in 432 HZ.

The Crystal tao  is the most magnificent set created to animate sound baths and individual treatments.

The depth of the sounds, the radiance of their radiance and powerful information codes allow yoga therapists and teachers to offer a gentle and enveloping accompaniment.

432 Hertz

















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Crystal TAO 道 432 Hz - 8 crystal colored and engraved bowls
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Based on 3 reviews

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    After many years of dreaming and hoping for them, here they are! I am filled with gratitude to welcome these new crystal companions into my world. This set of Tao Crystal Bowls is beautiful and more than that! They are already radiating their beautiful energy just by being displayed in my healing space. I am looking forward to learning more about them so that they can become my care and meditation companions! Thank you to Pascal and Muriel for their precious advice, their availability and their professionalism. I am delighted to have chosen Cristal Vibrasons! I am looking forward to continue the adventure with them through the proposed trainings that will allow me to travel in this dimension of crystalline sound! With all my heart THANK YOU! Laure (Translated review)

  • 5

    This set is vibrant and beautiful! (Translated review)

  • 5

    I am completley heads over heels in love with them from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for the crystal singing balls i ordered from you. I play a bit every morning and evening, first and last thing. It took me some time to learn how to properly play on the 7th and 8th chakra ones but this morning we were in tuned. Amazing. (Translated review)

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Crystal TAO

Your set comes with mallets in suede It is a set of 8 bowls of crystal colors degraded, colored due to nanotechnology, in respect of the respective color of the chakras on a range 432 Hz. Each bowl carries a refined engraving according to the symbolic traditions of Asia.

2 bags are included in the purchase !

Match diameter, chakra, color, yantra and note

  • C# DHARMA chakra 
  • B chakra Crown
  • A chakra 3 th eye
  • G Throat chakra
  • F Heart chakra 
  • E solar chakra 
  • D sacred chakra 
  • C Roots chakra 

What uses ?

The Crystal TAO道 set is especially designed for Therapeutic or Meditative practices. Its deep and deep sounds offer a game in nuances and subtlety. The various musical intervals (third, fourth, fifth, octave) achievable offer a diversity of vibratory universes facilitating the transition from one state of consciousness to another. The colors promote harmonization as in chromotherapy.

They lose intensity outdoors because the sounds are very subtle.

Training available

• The Apprentisons

• The Vibraspirants

What advantages?

Their sound and vibratory range is light, subtle and rich in harmonics, whatever the diameter of the crystal bowl. In addition, they are extremely sensitive and therefore easy to play. Their struck sound is vibrant, fast and oscillating, facilitating the elevation of the vibratory rate. This exclusive set respects the natural 432 Hz range, with accurate notes, allowing intervals of rare lightness.