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Product rated : Lotus 432 Hz - Crystal colored singing bowl
By Elidia C. (Dublin, Ireland) on 06 May 2020 :

...even in the middle of a pandemic

I purchased frosted bowls and they arrived to Ireland within two weeks even in the middle of a pandemic. The website is very easy to navigate and Pascal and Muriel answered my mails very fast too, close and personalized service. I already recomended it and I will keep doing it. Excelent service. Merci beaucoup!

review reply  Dear Elidia,
We are honored for your warm comment. In this delicate situation, we have the opportunity to be able to serve our customers by respecting a correct deadline, while ensuring the security of our precious instruments, everywhere in the world. Thank you for giving us the chance to serve you! review reply

Shop owner reply on 06 May 2020
Product rated : The Immaculed - Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl
By Elidia C. (Dublin, Ireland) on 01 May 2020 :

Appreciate it.

Thank you very much! They arrived this morning and everything is ok. Thew are in perfect condition and wonderful.
Have a wonderful.day

review reply  Dear Elidia,
We are delighted with your satisfaction and we are honored that our high quality crystal bowls vibrate in Ireland. Thank you for your trust. Happy crystal frequencies! review reply

Shop owner reply on 01 May 2020
Product rated : Holon - Crystal Instrument
By anargiros K. (Athens, Greece) on 23 Apr. 2020 :

great product -best service

for another time cv product is pretty good,.......and excellent packaging ,,,,,,,,thank you so much

review reply  Dear Anargiros,
Thank you for your warm commentary on the Holon, an original crystal instrument full of promise of harmonization and balance. Namasté review reply

Shop owner reply on 23 Apr. 2020
Product rated : Lotus 432 Hz - Crystal colored singing bowl
By Alara M. (Maidstone , United Kingdom) on 21 Apr. 2020 :


I received my bowl yesterday and I am very, very happy with it. I play it many times a day. It is my first crystal bowl and I love it! the sound is very pure. Thank you so much!

review reply  Dear Alara
We are truly touched and honored that your first crystal bowl has been chosen with us. We wish you a vibrant path of awakening to your crystalline dimension. Namasté
Pascal and Muriel review reply

Shop owner reply on 22 Apr. 2020
Product rated : Symphony Chakra Set - Crystal Singing Bowl
By Bradshaw N. (Ingolstadt , Germany) on 14 Apr. 2020 :

Ahhhh the bowls came !!

Thank you so much ! These bowls are absolutely beautiful They just arrived at my home all safe and no damage ...
Thank you for making my orders come to life. Can’t wait to hear the full sound.

review reply  Dear Nadine,
We are so pleased with your enthusiasm for your magnificent set of colored and engraved bowls with the Yantras. We want you to delight everyone who meets you in Germany. Thank you for your trust and delighted to count you in the Cristal Vibrasons tribe.
Pascal and Muriel review reply

Shop owner reply on 14 Apr. 2020
Product rated : Merkabah - Crystal Instrument
By Norma A. (Fuquay Varina, United States) on 12 Feb. 2020 :


We love it! Excellent quality and the sound is celestial..

review reply  Thank you very much Norma. We are honred to serve you
Pascal and Muriel review reply

Shop owner reply on 12 Feb. 2020
Product rated : Elvish - Practitioner Engraved Bowl - Crystal Singing Bowl
By Ellen T. (Ede, Netherlands) on 08 Jan. 2020 :

Product rated : Crystal TAO 道
By Amelie R. (Johanneshov, Sweden) on 02 Jan. 2020 :

I am completley heads over heels in love with them

from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for the crystal singing balls i ordered from you. I play a bit every morning and evening, first and last thing. It took me some time to learn how to properly play on the 7th and 8th chakra ones but this morning we were in tuned. Amazing.

review reply  Thank you for your product review on our website. We are honored to serve you review reply

Shop owner reply on 08 Jan. 2020
Product rated : The Immaculed - Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl
By Elaine V. (London, United Kingdom) on 13 Oct. 2019 :

Frosted crystal bowl

I bought this bowl for a gift for a dear friend in Germany. Muriel and Pascal were extremely helpful in meeting my needs with packing and postage to Germany.

I highly recommend the quality and service with cristalvibrasons.


Product rated : Pyramid - Crystal Instrument
By anargiros K. (Athens, Greece) on 04 Apr. 2019 :

the perfect deal

Fastest reply, very fast delivery, great dispatch, and finally the pyramid looks gorgeous and sounds way better , thank you cv.......very happy for your attitude

Product rated : Clear Quartz - Crystal Singing Bowl
By Sherene B. (LONDON, United Kingdom) on 01 Feb. 2019 :


I bought this bowl in a F note/Heart chakra after falling in love with another one from Cristal Vibrasons.
The only complaint about their bowls is that you can not stop yourself from wanting more as they all have such different characteristics and amazing sound qualities.

Product rated : Stellar Andromeda - Crystal Singing Bowl
By Sherene B. (LONDON, United Kingdom) on 01 Feb. 2019 :

Beautiful Bowl

Not only is this bowl rich in sound, quality and colour the communication with Cristal Vibrasons/Pascal from the point of ordering until I received the bowl was excellent. I am sure which ever bowl your order from Cristal Vibrasons will not be a disappointment.

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