Healing and personalized accompaniment

6 personalized accompaniment sessions to wake up and affirm your Feminine / Masculine and turn your obstacles into a major asset! A path to self-realization, authentic and without taboo.

  • To dare one's word to the intimate of oneself
  • Identify the mental patterns that prevent us
  • Learn to know each other better
  • Learn about relational clarity
  • Implement practices to calm down and relax
  • Dare to decide
from  €50.00
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A real sound and vibratory bubble, Harmony YinYang allows you to release tensions and blockages of any order. A time to share, alone or with two, to enter the grace of a sense of unity recovered.

  • Relax deeply
  • To live an expansion of consciousness
  • Raise its vibratory rate
  • Vibrate the unity felt
from  €50.00
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A sound and vibratory care to find inner peace in our hectic lives. A moment of pure happiness!

  • Relax deeply
  • Resourcing effectively
  • Refocus on what is essential
  • Dissolve tensions
  • Have fun
  • Raise its vibratory rate
from  €50.00
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A unique, powerful and transforming treatment, combining sounds with hypnagogic pulsed light. The hypnagogic state is a particular intermediate state of consciousness, between waking and sleeping, in where everything becomes possible.

  • Living a modified state of consciousness
  • Relax deeply
  • Developing your creativity
  • Improve your ability to concentrate
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
from  €65.00
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