Meditate: decelerate!

The awakening of the human being is the awakening to his true nature, his essential being. Here is the paradox: meditation is a teaching, which teaches nothing! In our hyper-everything and hyper-fast world, ‘nothing’ is not welcome.

Yet meditation transmits ‘nothing theoretical, nor abstract, nor speculative, nor hypothetical’. It makes no use of discursive thought. It is a path of experience and exercise.

The mind will not like it!

In meditation, there is no external teaching. No objective. The mind is sealed away, and not liking confinement, it will fight back hard! This is the thorn in the side of meditators who want to achieve a ‘successful’ silent sitting. But the more you fight or focus on the aim of not thinking, the less it will work! Why not just let yourself go? Beyond the endless noise of our mental chatting, a precious benefit in our hectic societies emerges: slowing down!

Decelerate for more effective action

Slow down...don’t make the effort of pressing on the brake pedal, but just lift your foot from the accelerator. Can you understand the difference? Let the vehicle lose speed until it finds its natural pace. The body’s pace is much slower than that of our thoughts. Finding that pace once again is a beneficial act for oneself. It is sometimes even healing.

Slow down to appreciate oneself

Having time for oneself and discovering the virtues of slowness: deceleration! Giving importance to feeling: deceleration! Gauging time by the breathing cycle. Giving sincere attention to each of the senses. Exploring all the savours of the present moment...

Careful! It might just work!

Everything moves faster and faster today. We believe, wrongly, that we should reach a result ‘right away’. Yet the body generates an intuitive knowledge which cannot be compared to the limits of our ordinary thought. Thanks to meditation, the body becomes another form of thought, living-body thought, where senses and understanding merge.

Thanks to the intermediary of the crystal bowl, meditation finds it way naturally. The mind soothes itself. The body releases its tensions with surprising ease. The inner rhythm takes over!

Recover a body vibrating with life!

In our daily lives, we rapidly lose touch with our living and conscious body. We often render it an instrument of our actions. This is undoubtedly because we live fast and have a thousand and one tasks to accomplish. The sounds of crystal bowls are wonderful guides to help us slow down!

But what about our being? Who am I when I am subjected to the constraints of my own life? Do I really not or no longer have the choice? Ask yourself this sincerely. Filter. Prioritise!

The body is not a machine. On the contrary, it is a living element in the great All which is one of the wonders of creation. The Presence is incarnate. The experience of simplicity reveals the path which takes root in the body!