What is the Music of the Spheres?

In ancient times, the Harmony of the Spheres or Music of the Spheres was founded on the harmonious numerical relationships that were thought to govern the universe. Several Greek schools calculated the distance between planets and matched them to musical interludes. This was thought to create a possible cosmic score.

Today, even if music has moved beyond ancient standards, we can find it in other dimensions, using the vibrations of stellar spheres. For example, the frequencies of the resonance between the sun and the stars are measured and recorded by highly technical instruments such as SOHO, GONG, and the satellites CoRoT and Kepler.

What makes the crystal harp so unique:

It is an instrument made up of eight natural quartz tubes of varying lengths that each produce a note on a diatonic scale (from C to C octave).

It makes very high-pitched sounds, since it vibrates in octave 5. Nevertheless, the purity of its range produces notes that are light, ethereal, or even aquatic, and certainly very pleasing.

The magic of this instrument is its multitude of harmonics. But you should pay close attention to these harmonic waves. While they are magnificent, if you play too many at once you will quickly experience sonic and vibrational overload! So even if you don't need to be a musician to play this harp, you will need to play close attention to its energy languages.

Listeners will experience a crystalline cascade of unusual sensations. They will rapidly lose track of their regular spatial-temporal framework to enter into a new vibratory universe. And this is the starting point to launch a self-healing process.

What are the effects of the crystal harp?

Those who have had the pleasure of receiving these sounds describe a feeling of flotation, lightness, fluidity, or great flexibility. Above all, it brings people joy!

It awakens our inner child and brings great comfort and gentleness to the soul. It is an instrument that people describe as magical, divine. Or they simply use a universal onomatopoeia such as “wow!” It has no equal. It is unique.

Where can I find one?

The harp has become more and more popular among those who love crystal sounds. It can be used as part of a musical approach, to improve well-being, or for therapeutic purposes.

Cristal Vibrasons has tested many models, and we currently use our own designer-producers to make them. This means that we can offer a high-quality, solid instrument at an excellent price. Find out more HERE.