The crystal pyramid is one of the figures in sacred geometry:

Geometry is a mathematical science that studies relations between points, lines, curves, surfaces and volumes. Sacred geometry designates the art of communicating divine wisdom through geometric figures with symbolic value.

It is an art that has been practised frequently throughout the ages, almost as a language reserved for initiates. Moreover, this form of expression is thought to be beyond the comprehension of mortals, as an approximation of the sacred and profane.

This ancient secret language was used by Greek philosophers and mathematicians such as Plato and Pythagoras. The Greeks assigned values and attributes to matter that they invested with meaning, and within this meaning they defined a relationship to the divine and the world.

The crystal pyramid is a powerful initiatory symbol:

Visualise a mountain… You'll see the form of a pyramid. It was traditionally a symbol of the spiritual centre. The summit of the mountain represented the point of contact between the Earth and the Sky, a place of truth, a passage between the different human and supra-human or celestial states. Visible from everywhere, the mountain symbolised the truth available to all. Your crystal pyramid bears this symbol.

The opposite of the mountain is a symbol that is just as powerful: the cave. Visualise a cave... It is an image of the cosmic world that represents both the Earth and the Sky. It is the source of the development of human possibilities. Plunged into the deepest silence, initiates symbolically perish in the obscure world of current states of being to become reborn in the luminous world of new states. Your crystal pyramid also carries this symbol.

The mountain is represented by a triangle resting on one side, while the cave is represented by an upside-down triangle resting on a summit.

In this form, the cave symbolises the goblet, the receptacle of Knowledge.

The inversion of the triangles could suggest that the cave is only a reflection of the mountain. However, in the most common representations, the centre of the two triangles comes together to emphasise that the reflected knowledge fully matches the original knowledge.


What is a pyramid?

Beyond the geometric definition of a tetrahedron, the crystal pyramid is the symbol of our galaxy. It is also the first of the Platonic solids. It is the simplest volume of creation and the Trinity of the Soul.

The properties of the pyramid:

The biggest and most famous pyramid is the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

This form is:

  • A condenser of cosmic energy
  • A beacon
  • A library
Its waves of forms serve to:
  • Accelerate healing
  • Help heal wounds
  • Relieve pain
  • Fight infection
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Rebalance the energy structure
  • Increase vitality
  • Energise the 10th chakra, the seat of solar consciousness

The intention that emanates from this form is AVAILABILITY. A noble intention that comes close to altruism. It is an attitude that involves focusing our actions so they are beneficial to all.

Several associated symbols:

Vertical and horizontal stability:

The pyramid is a symbol of stability. As a result, it is the foundation of various traditional constructions such as huts or tepees. But it was also widely used by the great architects: it was the shape of the Egyptian pyramids, the arrows on cathedrals, and our own roofs! Beyond this vertical stability, the triangular shape also provides horizontal stability. Think about a tripod, or a three-legged stool: they never wobble!

  • The triangle also symbolises the Trinity in the Christian religion.
  • The triangle is also the shape of the arrowhead, a symbol of direction, determination, and penetration.
  • In certain traditional societies, it is also the symbol of the Feminine, for it is the shape of the uterus. Furthermore, in olden times, the hearth maintained by women was made up of three stones.

In short, the pyramid corresponds to:

  • The Fire element, which makes thoughts visible
  • An upward influence
  • Alignment of the Earth/Sky
  • Available energy
  • The Trinity embodied in matter = the 3 in the 4
  • Initiation
  • The Sacred Feminine


The utility of the pyramidal form:

Farming, particularly bio-energetic farming, uses the shape of the pyramid to energise crops. As part of this approach, a pyramid can be used to:

  • Energise seeds
  • Fertilise hectares of land
  • Preserve food
  • Improve the health of animals, chickens, etc.
  • Energise water, wine, food
  • Help with meditation
  • Increase the vitality of a space
  • Generate electricity
  • Transmute elements
  • Generate negative ions
  • Generate frequencies
  • Help with communication
  • Purify the surrounding air


Masaru Emoto, who is known for his work on “water memory” (experiment by Jacques Benveniste, French immunologist, with further work by Luc Montagnier in 2007 on DNA teleportation), conducted a resonance test with glass pyramids.

Mr. Emoto clearly explains that the form is very important for obtaining resonant effects. But all forms do not have the same resonance, since they don't all last as long. Certain forms increase resonance better than others.

The result of his experiment shows that the pyramid shape is particularly ideal. And this can in part explain the exceptional properties of pyramids and the importance of using a homogeneous and continuous matter for their structure.


Cristal Vibrasons' vibrational and singing pyramids:

The crystal pyramid is made of natural quartz. It plays two different notes, which produce remarkable harmonies when struck together. The first musical note is played on the rods at the base of the pyramid. The second note is played on the upper rods of the instrument. When rotated, the pyramid generates an energy vortex that is audible and perceptible, whatever its size.

It sensitivity to energy makes it in exceptional tool for evaluating the vibratory level of a person or place. It will vary in intensity depending on the energy fields that it encounters, which you will be able to clearly perceive, giving you valuable diagnostic indications.

Given its wave form properties, it will rapidly become part of your daily life. But it is also useful in energy therapy, to help induce hypnosis, and to facilitate altered states of consciousness. It is an instrument whose vibrational language encourages us to enter into the quantic dimension of consciousness.