Many of you have expressed interest in using the exceptional vibrations of crystal bowls to lead a sound journey.

But you are wondering how to proceed to ensure your travellers have the best possible journey!

How can you arrange the sounds so they can experience a journey that expands consciousness as comfortably and effectively as possible? Where to start? How to finish? Why?

Cristal Vibrasons offers 5 keys to get off to good start.

1st key: comfort is paramount

Your travellers should be lying comfortably on the ground.

Lower the lights so they can relax more easily.

Place a pillow under their heads so their necks aren't hyper-extended, but rather in an anatomical position.

You should also make sure to have blankets available, since the sound journey with crystal bowls will generate a great deal of energy movement. They might become very hot or very cold or alternate between the two.

2nd key: guide their relaxation on the ground

Before beginning the sounds of the journey, it's a good idea to help them relax and let go.

Your travellers are in a stand-by state, which means that their brains are oscillating at more than 12 hertz, in beta waves. Working with the sounds, you will help participants move into an alpha cycle (deep relaxation).

The human voice, at the beginning of the journey, is a reassuring guide. Speak in soothing tones to facilitate relaxation. Use short sentences, so people don't have to think about your instructions or directions. You must be clear. Avoid “if you'd like, you can”; go directly to the message. For example: “place your attention on your breath without changing it”.

Help participants place their attention on their body, the places where they are in contact with the ground, their breath, etc.

You can also guide the expression of a group intention (egregore).

3rd key: initiate the sound journey with low tones

To help travellers begin their journey, you must take care of their first vehicle, the body.

Low sounds, which resonate on the physical level in the lower part of the body, will allow participants to become deeply grounded.

Play them for at least 10 minutes so that the sounds can ground the bodies of the travellers into the earth that carries them. They must feel deposited and heavy on the ground. Placing their attention on this ground, which supports them at all times, will help them safely release tension.

You can play rather vigorously at first. Then your movements should progressively become gentler. Soft sound vibrations will, little by little, relax the muscles and joints. The entire body will then become relaxed.

4th key: vary the tones, sounds and instruments

For a sound journey to be successful, you must allow your travellers to experience a variety of soundscapes.

Their sensations, perceptions, and inner images will be enriched by the variations in frequency that you orchestrate.

What you need to remember is that high- and very high-pitched sounds must be added very gradually. They cannot be introduced in the beginning of the journey, for they resonate at the mental level. High-pitched crystal bowls must be added gradually to subtly clean and clarify.

If you have several instruments, feel free to use them together! Drums, didgeridoos, string instruments, flutes, gongs, or even Tibetan bowls all combine beautifully with crystal singing bowls, as if by magic. Furthermore, it is not just the travellers who will be enchanted by these sounds! You should also invite joy and pleasure into your own guidance. Your travellers will perceive this immediately, since all perceptions are amplified by the sounds.

5th key: invite silence

Do not saturate the space with constant sounds. Make sure to leave room for silence and a transition between sounds that will help the travellers incorporate the waves of energy that you release.

Always remember that sounds are energy! And that the soul takes action in the silent intervals... the sound vacuum...

In the same spirit, the end of your journey should melt into silence. Relish this moment, for the quality of this silence is often remarkable!

Then bring your travellers back with your commentary. Help them come back to the physical world as gently as possible.

You can then open the space up for discussion and sharing to contemplate the travellers' range of experiences.