Atlantis Dream healing sounds
This is relaxation in several waves...Atlantis Dream healing sounds for a gentle journey into the heart of lost lands...a coded memory, revealed by the crystalline frequencies of sacred quartz geometries and crystal singing bowls. Journey through a world of land and water.

Various sound and vibratory worlds:
A succession of sounds takes you to the sacred lands of the Ancient Atlanteans. Focus on your perceptions, the images that take shape within you, the impressions and emotions...let the Atlantis dream emerge inside you.

The language of the Ancient Atlanteans:
As you listen to the crystalline sounds, let yourself be guided by the whispering chorus of this Atlantis Dream Sound Healing...What comes to you? How do these vibratory codes come to meet you?

Because everything is linked, including what we call the past, the present and the feel this at the heart of your memories. Don’t hesitate to listen to this with headphones.