The Sound-Energy at the core of our cells

This article is an extract from Cristal’Académie, your online learning platform. In one of the modules, we explore the impact of sounds on the living being. This is a truly fascinating subject which is rarely dealt with.

We usually focus on man and the animal kingdom. It is often our first thought. It should be remembered, however, that there are highly interesting references to the impact of sounds on the plant kingdom, for instance.

A reference in the plant kingdom

Joël Sternheimer, to name but one, is a Doctor in Physics and a musician. He has put forward an explanation of these effects, which can be produced with molecular precision, from the sensitivity of plants to their sound environment to humans who can acknowledge the relevance for themselves.

3 key elements of the impact of sounds on the plants that surround us

His 40 years of research foresaw and indirectly revealed 3 key elements:

First key: The different levels of organisation of matter (inert or living) are linked by ‘scale waves’. These waves ensure coherence. This delves into a demonstration of quantum intricacy.

Second key: During the process of protein synthesis, amino acids emit sequences of quantum signals. These sequences form a melody which is specific to each protein. This is called PROTEIN MUSIC.

Third key: The audible transpositions of these melodies influence the rate of protein synthesis in real time, and therefore affect DNA through a form of resonance between successive frequencies!

Fascinating, isn’t it? In fact, since the dawn of time, sounds have accompanied and cared for living and human beings. This is why we speak of healing sounds!